Patient: I ovulated around February 14-17, and had sex on the 14th. Around February 20th I started cramping, ( I figured my period must be coming early since I wasn’t expecting it until around march 1-5 and they are about 7 days in length. or i was completely off on when my period was suppose to come) but I continued to cramp until February 24th. I never pre-period cramp, the earliest I’ve cramped before a period is a day maximum, and today I got my period, but it seems off, It’s lighter than my usual periods, and the cramping isn’t as bad as my normal as well (the cramps come and go, and are very mild); My periods are extremely heavy usually, and this one is light compared my my normal, in the middle of light and heavy. and i read online that heavy implantation periods can happen and i was wondering if i could be pregnant.

Symptoms: Cramps, medium vaginal bleeding, breast tenderness