Unsure if i have miscarried or not

Patient: On December 26, I was raped. (I’m sorry, very sensitive subject matter but I need help). About 10 days after that, I had heavy bleeding for about a week and then it took about 4 to 5 more days to taper off and then stop. I had no cramps or any other symptoms beside moodiness. After that, I began to show signs of early pregnancy, but they have been subsiding over the past week and seem to be wavering between showing again and going away completely, as I have also had bad cramping and back pain. I got a pregnancy text a week after the bleeding stopped, and it was negative. I have no money or insurance, so I cannot go to the doctor or get another test, but I need to know if I am pregnant and if so, what my options are because I have no desire to carry the product of that event to term. Please, please help me

Symptoms: Currently a decrease in breast size, tenderness is gone, no more mood swings, very bad abdominal cramping paired with lower back pain, no bleeding or cramping, etc