Unsure if pregnant event though protection was used

Patient: My boyfriend on protected sex on jan 22, he put it in fora minute and then we started to use protection. I have been on nuvaring for 15 months. I put the ring in and after 3 weeks, I put a new one in so i dont have a period. On friday, I had irritation and increased vaginal discharge (almost sticky and yellowish) and then today I have slight red bleeding. I have read online that some light bleeding while on nuvaring can happen. I took a home pregnancy test and it was negative. Do you think it is too soon to tell with a home test? Also, do you think its highly possible that I may be pregnant?

Symptoms: Increased vaginal discharge, slight bleeding

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.With a light penetration followed by protection and a ring in place there is very fewer chances of a pregnancy. You have tested at the right time and the pregnancy test being negative rules out the possibility of pregnancy. Hence, there is nothing to worry. Also, the spotting could be due to the ring.Hope this helped.Regards