Unsure, please help! Positive or not

Patient: Hello! So I have a question.. I am a week late on getting my cycle. I’m 38 days into it. My cycle is usual in between 28-30 days but it always comes like clockwork. I took a cheapie test this morning and the second line was so faint you could barely see it. Is it still a positive?

Symptoms: Missed period, mild cramping in uterus for weeks now(comes in waves all day)

Doctor: You have missed your period, there is a second line on the test, you are getting pregnancy symptoms…I think the answe r is pretty obvious that you are pregnant. The most reliable way of testing for pregnancy is a serum hCG test which is basically a blood test that evaluates the amount of pregnancy hormone in your body.But you mostly don’t need to take the blood unless you really don’t want to trust the simple home based urine test.If you have any doubts regarding the quality of the kit you used, it is only reasonable to take a second test properly rather than worrying about it. A second line generally is positive whether faint or otherwise.