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Unsymmetrical shoulders

Patient: *My right shoulder is more in length than my left shoulder.I don’t know whether it is actually more in length or it appears as an illusion (could be because my right shoulder maybe lower in level than my left shoulder).Honestly speaking I used to masturbate.Now is it caused because of masturbation(as regular pressure in my right hand towards downwards caused pressure in my right shoulder and hence it happened).Another reason could be because of carrying heavy bags.Possibly there could be no other reason because my shoulder was never broken.I am very scared that will my right shoulder increase any further due to any reason.If I will stop masturbation then will my right shoulder not increase and will be ok or what.If I will raise my right hand and/or move my right hand at the fullest extent to any direction then will my right shoulder increase.The doctors have done an x ray of my shoulders and said nothing has happened.Is there anything to get scared.What can I possibly do.Please answer.



Symptoms: Uneven length in shoulders



Doctor: HelloThank you for posting your query on ATD.I have gone through your query and understand your concern. Masturbat ion and carrying heavy weight is nothing to do with lengthening of shoulders. No activity is likely to increase length of your shoulder. Some difference in bulk of muscles is normal in dominant hand so probably your right hand is dominant one. So its bulk may be slightly more. You have already checked your doctor and x-ray it and nothing abnormal was found so no need to worry much. Nothing is required to be done.Hope your query got answered.Wishing you a good health.Take care.

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Patient: You have already answered this but I don’t think it is a bulk of muscle in my right shoulder which is making it appear as if my right shoulder is more in length.I think my right shoulder level has got lowered,the bones have become lower levelled.As I masturbated for 3 years(I had old latrine not the modern ones ) in a bad/wrong sitting position this has happened.As I masturbated(with bad/wrong sitting position) my hands were downwards on my penis and hence there was a pressure on my right shoulder towards downwards.As I masturbated regularly(for 3 years) atleast once a day or sometimes even twice a day regularly pressure used to fall on that part and hence it happened.I have also seen in a website about this topic “MASTURBATION CAUSES UNEVEN SHOULDERS”.I hope you understand what I am trying to say.What can I do to fix it or what is the solution.
Other problem is I have a little extra muscle on my left shoulder .My muscles have become tighter on both shoulders and I can’t move/rotate my head on both sides of my shoulder or feels very there any exercise I can do to loosen my shoulder muscles so I can move my head smoothly on both sides of my shoulders normally or what else can I do to fix generally I force my head to move towards both sides and then it becomes smoother for some time.The next day again it becomes tight.I hope you understand what I am trying to say.Thanks in advance.


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