Untreated Mild UTI: Asymptomatic

Patient: Hi, I had a UTI about four months ago, it lasted a few days, I received no treatment. I have had NO other symptoms since then. I did not know that what I was experiencing was a UTI at the time. I am reading that there could be kidney complications if left untreated, but I think I’m okay since I have not had any complications in the time since then. Should I see a doctor?

Symptoms: None

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.We do not know on what basis you concluded it to be a UTI. Asymptomatic UTI is common in ladies and especially in pregnancy. There is nothing to worry about at present since you are symptom-free. Fever, vomiting, chills, burning at urination could be the early symptoms of UTI. In any case, a long-standing UTI can lead to pyelonephritis and renal stones which are kidney complications, but that is very chronic UTI. It is better to see a doctor and get a urine analysis with culture done to be on the safer side and rule out all your doubts.Drink lots of water, up to liters a day, cranberry juice works wonders.Hope this helped.Regards