Unusaul Rash – Could it be due to HCG diet?

Patient: For the past 2- 3 weeks, I have been experiencing brake outs on my face and I have been itching on my hands and arms. The itching is not severe. I would rate it at a 4. I noticed yesterday that my hand has started to peel. The only change that I have made is that I am taking HGC and I changed my diet. Is this normal for a 30 year old woman that is overall in good health?

Doctor: Itching and rashes, though rare, is a side effect of HCG diet. During and HCG diet, the body breaks down fat at a faster rate than normal. As the fat breaks down, there is accumulation of certain toxins that may cause stress on the liver and rash. I would definitely advise you to review your diet with your doctor and get a liver function test done. Elevation liver enzymes (bilirubin) could be causing your skin rash. Other causes could be contact dermatitis. Try to identify any new product that you may have come into contact which would have caused the rash. Specific treatment will depend on the cause. I hope this helps, take care.