Unusual bleeding for two weeks (on birth control)

Patient: Hi i am on birth control for the past nine months, i have had no issues with it until now i have also been with my partner for over a year now. two weeks ago i finished my pack and had my pill free days i got my period on saturday and it was very heavy for the whole week (normally doesnt last the whole week) started my new pack on Monday. my period was very heavy with a lot of clots and when i thought i had stopped bleeding Sunday this week i had sex with my boyfriend but started bleeding again and all this week i have had breakthrough bleeding that just wont stop, i have taken pregnancy tests and all are negative, i took iron supplements during the initial week of my period as i was loosing alot of blood and feared i would be too low on iron (i am anemic) can you please help

Symptoms: My symptoms are heavy bleeding for one whole week of my period and clotting (not usual) and now breakthrough bleeding this whole week after i had sex sunday

Doctor: Hello,If you are still bleeding then it is advised that you may discard the fresh pack and visit your physician for p rescription of antifibrinolytics like tranexamic acid to stop the bleed. The chances of pregnancy are unlikely as you are in your safe period. Bleeding can be stopped by antifibrinoloytice thrice a day for 5 days. You may follow barrier contraception for this month and resume the fresh pack from day 1 of next cycle.regards