Unusual Case of Erectile Dysfunction: What’s the Cause?

Patient: So, i have a bit of an usual and frankly embarrassing case. I am unable to sustain or get an erection. I came back from overseas a couple months ago where I didn’t masturbate at all for an entire year, and I only had sex and orgasmed twice while intoxicated. That’s the only sexual thing I did for a year. I came back to my home country a couple weeks ago and found that I could not sustain or get an erection. Is the cause of my ED because I went without masturbating for a year and only had sex twice while intoxicated?

Symptoms: Not being able to sustain or get an erection

Doctor: It is a possibility. Sex is like brain and as age goes ‘use or lost’ applies to both. It is also possible t hat you become anxious at not having erection, which further sometimes off the arousal. It is also possible that since you were not in need of fantasizing, masturbating etc. for a year, the urge itself may be less. However, this urge of drive can vary individual to individual, time to time and context to context. Please relax. Still feel anxious, do contact your family doctor.