Unusual period with cramps. I am not sure I am pregnant or not?

Patient: Is it possible I can be pregnant? I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend November 4 and had my period November 6. I’ve been cramping non stop since the 12th until now. I’ve had random nausea, fatigue, and watery discharge. I’ve also had tender nipples and back pains. I started bleeding Dec. 5, I’m not sure if it’s my period because it’s lighter than usual and doesn’t feel the same as my previous menstrual cycles since its accompanied by painful cramps.

Symptoms: Headaches, fatigue, watery discharge, nipple tenderness, nausea, cramping, back pains

Doctor: Hi,Thanks for the query.I understand your concern.The possibility of pregnancy is less in your case as you got periods after unprotected intercourse.The symptoms you got could be due to premenstrual syndrome.The duration of menstrual cycle and quantity of menstrual flow can change from cycle to cycle depending on many factors.Urine pregnancy test can clarify the doubt regarding pregnancy.There is possibility of pelvic infection as you are having painful pelvic cramps, vaginal discharge and history of unprotected intercourse.So, better to consult your doctor once and get examined to rule out pelvic infection.Protected intercourse is advisable and can prevent these problems in future.Take care.