Unusual Shoulder Pain Symptoms After Falling

Patient: I fell a couple days ago and I am assuming I hurt my shoulder by trying to catch myself. The day after I fell, I had very prominent pain in one specific spot on the anterior side of my right shoulder (which is the side I fell on). The next day and currently, that pain is not as noticeable but there is a new symptom. The posterior side of the same shoulder pops quite frequently. Basically every time I move it pops. There is also a dull, pain on the posterior side. The muscles around my shoulder are all quite tight and I do not have full range of motion. Could there be a serious issue or am I just sore from falling?

Symptoms: -Pain in one spot on anterior shoulder after fall
-After one day of pain on front of shoulder, the pain is primarily on the posterior side
-Very frequent popping from posterior shoulder.

Doctor: During a fall, you might have supported your body weight on your arm, due to which the pressures will be transferred to your shoulder joint. You have complained of initial anterior pain followed by posterior pain later along with popping of joint. /you might have suffered from shoulder dislocation. A plane X ray of shoulder joint is helpful in the situation. Consult an orthopedician at the earliest and seek appropriate treatment, as many times untreated shoulder dislocation make joint vulnerable for frequent dislocations.