Unusually light period after pregnancy scare

Patient: It felt like a normal period with cramps, but now it is very light. Could I be pregnant?

Symptoms: Cramps and normal bleeding for 2 days and now very light bleeding. My periods usually last 5-7 days so this is odd. Because of the scare I took extra good care of my body incase I was pregnant. I am very scared that I may have miscarried my baby because I have a small build (5’2″, 100lbs) and I have heard of women bleeding when they miscarry. I have also heard of women bleeding in the early stages of pregnancy. I took a pregnancy test the day after my missed period with a first response test and it came back negative. Please tell me your thoughts on the situation. Thank you for your time.

Doctor: If you took a pregnancy test and it came back negative, there is no reason you should think you could be pregnant. It is normal to have a period that is variable in duration as well as cycle interval. Many times in a woman’s life, owing to changes in weight, diet, sleep etc. or environmental stress a woman’s cycle changes and it is perfectly physiological.The average home pregnancy test kit is almost 99 percent accurate so you really need no worry about a false result. However if you still feel that there is a possibility that you could be pregnant I recommend that you visit a gynecologist and get a blood HCG (pregnancy hormone) test done. The blood based tests are more sensitive and pick up very early pregnancies as well and hence are used in cases when the suspicion of a false negative urine pregnancy test is high.The alternative thing to do is to just wait for a week and test with a urine pregnancy test again. If two tests are negative, it should eliminate all pregnancy doubts from your mind.