Unwanted facial hair: what is more effective OCP or nuvaring

Patient: I have ingrowing facial hair around the side of my face and under my neck, i know that birth control pills have estrogen and progestrin hormones that will give me a balance in my feminine hormones but i fear taking the pills and would rather take the nuvo ring. My question is does the nuvo ring have the same hormonal effect on the body as the birthcontrol pills do and will it help me get rid of this unwanted facial hair.

Doctor: The Nuva-ring is a thin plastic ring which is inserted into the vaigna and releases estrogen as well as progesterone jus t like the OCPS and provides contraception by mainly inhibiting ovulation. Thus technically it should also help in decreasing the hair growth just like OCP’s . However it is important to remember that since this is not a pill its systemic effect ( effect that it has on the entire body ) is minimal and thus it will not effect hair growth pattern significantly. If you do want a medication to decrease the hair growth then it is more advisable to take Diane or Yasmin OCP which have anti androgenic properties and thus have been proved to be effective. You could talk more about this with your GP and also explain your concerns regarding OCPs.