Upcoming. surgery thoughts

Patient: I have a operation on Thursday, I am really scared, on the weekend that just passed I shut my ring finger in a car door had an xray and.I broke it. I Also cut my nail and nail bed, had to get my finger cleaned and dressed up and he said I need surgery in next few days, hr said I will br under general anthestic. What does the surgery include? would I be in more pain when I wake up as my finger is broken? Will the person doing it cover my.nail bed up with something before dressing? How long will it take for me to use my finger normally and when will the nail grow back? Sorry for all questions have so many questions this is my first surgery.

Symptoms: Nail bed cut, cut on nail, broken finger

Doctor: Thank you for contacting ask the doctor.A fracture finger is usually treated with a plaster and immobility. But in ca se the alingnment of the finger bones is displaced then an internal fixation might be necessary. Hence the need for the surgery. The surgeon would manipulate the position of the fractured bone so that the finger is straight and there are no bends ( to avoid malunion ).It would take about 12 weeks for the complete healing process and care must be taken to not over use or damage the fractured finger.There would be pain and your surgeon would prescribe you with pain medications as per your medical history.The broken nail would take about 3-4 weeks and would grow back.Hope this information was useful