Upper Arm Pain after lifting weights.

Patient: Hi, last week I went to the gym and apparently i did a wrong gesture while using weights… And now my Left Upper Arm has been hurting every time I twist it.. Any suggestions on how to ease the pain? Maybe.. “painkillers”?

Symptoms: Upper arm pain

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.The pain could be a muscle sore. There are a few remedies that you could try before resor ting to painkillersHot fomentation over the area, on and off will really help. A gentle massage over the area with a pain relieving ointment will also help. Apart from this you need to give adequate rest to the body part which has got affected.Restrict the activities, as days pass the intensity will come down. In case it does not, you may start with simple Paracetamol tablet, and then can switch to any NSAID group of medication if that did not work.if the pain persists beyond a week see an orthopedic doctor. Also, avoid lifting heavy weights which are beyond your capacity and always learn the right technique, also follow deep breathing and breath out when you life weight. It prevents side effects.Hope this helped.Regards,