Upper back pain

Patient: Hi, I am a 21 year old female and I have had pain in my back for nearly 5 months now. The pain started off feeling like a bruise on my spine, just above where a bra strap would sit, and I thought that it was just a bruise. After a few weeks the pain got worse and I could feel it when I was not leaning or pressing on it, and the muscles around that area started to ache. The muscles still ache and that pain is getting worse every day, and there is still that different pain on the bone of my spine that I know is definitely not muscle pain. I asked a friend to look at and feel my back and there is a section of my lower back that has decreased sensation (not completely numb, but sensation is dull) and the skin over that area is darker. The pain is worse when I’m trying to sleep, and gets a little bit better during the day but not much. The muscle pain gets a bit better with a heat pack, but heat/cold, painkillers and anti inflamatories do nothing for the pain on my spine.(I wrote this next part out and realise that it sounds like I’m listing everything that is wrong with me, but I have no idea if it is relevent to my back problem or not, so I’m sorry!)I have also been experiencing some really bad headaches. I have been having headaches almost every day and I have been waking up with them which I have never had before. I have been getting strange pins and needles in my legs and groin when I’m sitting down in positions I wouldn’t normally expect to cause pins and needles. It may be due to me not being able to lie down comfortably, but I have been sweating at night so much even with the window open which is not normal for me. A few days ago my left hip bone started to hurt at the back but I can’t pin point the exact location of the pain and none of the muscles around that area hurt. I generally feel quite bad, I am tired all of the time and I keep feeling like I am going to have a cold or flu or something but then not actually getting a full blown cold/flu (you know how you feel the day before you get a really bad cold? All stiff and I can feel it in the back of my throat)I am really worried about this, but I think I may be over-reacting and I’m scared to see my GP because it will take weeks to get an appointment and I don’t see myself getting to the bottom of this any time soon, and as I am coming to the end of my final year at university I will be moving to a different county in 2 months time. (I am also sorry about the length of this!)