Upper back pain radiated to neck and chest

Patient: Hi. i am of 39 yrs old. just some four days days ago, i got acute pain at the upper left part of my back and my left back of my neck also. i was having problem of moving my head properly. Now i am having some pain at the front of my chest. i would like to know is it a heart problem

Doctor: If you do not have personal or familiar antecedents or risk factors for cardiovascular disease, then is not likely that your symptoms are due to a heart problem, besides the fact that your problem started by a back and neck pain. Possibly the pain may be due to a muscle strain. Usually this occurs when the back muscles have been stretched beyond normal limits, commonly known as a muscle pull. If you have a back muscle sprain, your ligaments have been pulled apart resulting in spasms in the upper part of your back and radiated to the neck. Regardless of which type of strain you have, the course of treatment for both is the same. You will experience inflammation, spasms, lack of mobility all these insure limited movement. To go to a chiropractor is one of the treatment options for an uncomplicated muscle strain in the back, meaning when there is no nerve damage or compression, muscle rupture documented by MRI. They may teach you useful exercises to stretch the muscles in the spine, that you can repeat at home as a routine and after, apply ice to the sore area for no more than 20 minutes each time; you could also alternate warm moist compresses with ice packs. If after follow all of the above you still experience the pain associated to some other symptoms, then I would recommend visiting an orthopedic doctor to rule out some other more serious causes of the back pain.