Upper right quadrant discomfort

Patient: Looking for advice on upper right quadrant discomfort. Is there a way to rule out liver abnormality/dysfunction or cancer without a very expensive test/scan?

Symptoms: Several months ago I started to have some discomfort – mostly just tightness beneath lower right ribs. At first thought it might have been a muscle pull, but it has persisted and even increased in level of discomfort/tightness. It feels as though there is some pressure under my right rib. Had a blood test after talking with doctor – CBC, CMP and lipid panel. Only showed slightly elevated LDL levels (105). What should I do next? Am between insurance and not very confident in local (rural) docs. Am otherwise healthy but cannot help but fear something like liver cancer.

Doctor: Hello.Welcome to Ask The Doctor.I understand your concern.It seems you are suffering from Acid Peptic Disease.In case of right upper abdominal pain, following issues should be considered and investigated:1. Gall Bladder stones2. Liver problems.I would advise following in such scenario:1. To take a combination of Pantoprazole and Domperidone.2. To take soft, bland diet.3. To take anti flatulent and anti-acidity syrup like Digene.Even if your problem persists, you should get:1. Liver Function test2. Ultrasound Abdomen.These investigations are not too costly. CT scans are not required at this level.Share my opinion with your doctor. I am sure he/she will agree to this.I hope it helps.Stay Healthy