Upper right trapezius pain when stretching the muscle

Patient: HI doctor!i was doing skull crushers 6 months ago with heavy weights on a decline bench. the weight was about 20 kg on both the sides. I was little bit cooled and while balancing the weights, my lower middle trapezius muscle was paining only a little. after 4 days I was doing squats with weight of 80 kg. After doing the exercise my upper right trapezius was like dead and from that time whenever I stretch my trapezius muscles or move my neck upwards, i feel pain. I went to the doctor and he took Xrays and also vitamin d test. the xray was ok but the vitamin d test’s result was 8 out of 100.now I have taken the three injections of vitamin d in past 4 months. I feel ok but still whenever I exercise or try to lift some heavy weight the pain start again.Please doctor help me and tell me and also that I want to know that masterbation has anything to do with this.

Symptoms: Vitamin d deficiency

Doctor: HelloWelcome to Ask The Doctor.This pain seems to be of Muscular in nature.Masturbation has nothing to do with i t.For acute muscular pain I advise following:1. Diclofenac and Thiocolchicoside combination which are act as a pain killer and muscle relaxant.2. To do hot fomentation of the affected area.3. To apply gel containing Menthol, Diclofenac locally.4. To get physiotherapy done particularly Ultrasonic heat massage.Share my opinion with your doctor before you act upon it.I hope it helps.Stay Healthy