Upper Urinary Tract Infection

Patient: If you have an upper urinary tract infection and are currently on antibiotics, should you return to the doctor or hospital if symptoms persist or worsen?

Symptoms: Severe pain in side, abdomen and back. severe naseau. loss of appetite. inability to hold down many foods or liquids including water. headaches. diziness. extreme drowsines. lathorgy.

Doctor: Hi dear patient, Upper respiratory tract infections(URTI) usually take some time to resolve and there are numerous cause s for URTI and majority of upper respiratory tract infections are caused due to viruses and it is self limiting. Antibiotics are rarely needed to treat URTI and should be avoided unless your doctor suspects a bacterial infection.The specific cause needs to be identified and treated accordingly. my advise to you is to continue the course of antibiotics prescribed by your doctor and apart from that you can increase fluid intake, avoid spicy and oily food, honey can be used to reduce cough apart from cough medications. If still the symptoms persist and there is no improvement in your general condition then you consult a physician for futher needful.