Urethra tube hurts from scratching

Patient: A couple of months ago i started to feel this itching sinsation inside my penis the urethra tube if you will so i started to vigourously rub it at the base underneath to relieve the itching not know i would hurt my self so now my urethra tube hurts really bad when i pee erections are unbarrable and burning during and after urination and a little discharge

Symptoms: Itchy urethra tube discharge burning urintion

Doctor: Thank you for your question. It is likely that you have contracted a urinary tract infection. This is most commonly caus ed by bacteria that get into the penile urethra causing inflammation. Since this has been occurring for a month, it is very important that you have a doctor perform a genital examination along with urine test to determine the cause of your infection. You will likely be prescribed antibiotics to treat this infection. Please seek medical attention immediately.Thank you for consulting AskTheDoctor.com