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Urethritis causes from oral sex

Patient: What could a possible cause of urehtritis be from receiving (receptive partner) oral sex if gonorrhea/chlamyda have been ruled out?



Symptoms: Burning urination, discharge, cloudy urine, weak urine flow, delayed urination



Doctor: Hello,Thanks for asking askthedoctor.comThe other possible causes of urethritis apart from chlamydia and gonorrho ea are either E.coli, Mycoplasma urethrae or Ureoplasma urealyticum. All these organisms are harbored in the urethra and if the recipient ( No.1)of oral sex harbors them , then they can transfer it to the partner( No. 2) who is giving oral sex to him or her.Now the infection once transferred to the second partner ( No.2), if he or she has oral sex with another fresh partner ( No.3), then No. 2 can transfer these infections to the No.3 partner causing urethritis.So, thats the cycle for oral spread of infection.I hope i have addressed your concerns,wishing you good health,regards

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Patient: So these organisms can be harbored in the mouth as well and transfer them to the receptive partner?

Doctor: yes , it is possible in cases of promiscuous sexual activity.

Patient: What do you mean by promiscuous? Thanks!

Doctor: It means having multiple sexual partners.

Patient: Are Mycoplasma urethrae and Ureoplasma urealyticum transmitted via fluid?

Doctor: Yes they can be trasmitted through fluid or discharges


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