Urgent/Emergent OR Can wait

Patient: I am a 46yr F and I am a RN. I moved to San Diego one week ago from Newport Beach. I presented to UCSD ER Sun at 1600 & left Mon at 0730. The only time in my life that I have let medical insurance lapse is for this current month; went to ER nonetheless for extreme LLQ pain. Dx with Left Ovarian Dermoid Cyst at 6cm. My Vag/Abd US showed perfusion to the Ovary as well as some free floating fluid in Abd. My Hgb dropped from my admitting CBC after MD reordered labs due to concern of abd fluid. (still was at the lowest in WNL range.) I received a liter of IV fluid and MSO4 IVP x 2. I had to call in sick at work for Monday with remorse. I did work today. I am home now. My abdomen is distended, my abdominal pain is severe and my temp is 101.3. My question to you is my current condition stable and am I safe to wait 13 days until I am insured?