Patient: Hi, I’m Gianni and I have had sex twice. Losing my virginity on November 2nd and without a condom. My partner did use the pullout method but I have been having pains in my stomach. I was just wondering what those pains could be. I’ve had a period since then but still those constant pains. Can you please help me out.

Symptoms: Slight headaches

Doctor: This pain in your stomach may be related to some other cause for which you should get investigated by a doctor. An ultra sound examination may done to confirm the diagnosis if requested by your treating doctor. Pain abdomen may a symptom of many medical conditions, ranging from simple gas pains to more serious problems of the internal organs. Your doctor may clear your doubts and provide relief.Unprotected sex raises concerns of unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections. Discuss with your doctor if you have questions in mind regarding this.