Urgent Pre mature Ejaculation Problem

Patient: Good evening, I am a 26 year old healthy male however I have been experiencing some problems lately or maybe the pass year or so. I have made made a severe mistake as I was growing up. Over-masturbation it is. I started masturbating at the age of 13 up till the age of 25. over the years my masturbation increased over the day… Maybe up to 5 times a day. That took place in the last 3 years like almost every day. I have stopped masturbating since the beginning of this year like completely. My problem is that I am experiencing Premature Ejaculation where I can hardly last for more than a minute when I have sex. My penis glans are really sensitive or gets sensitive really fast. What can I do. I am in dire need of answers. I cannot continue going on lasting for less than a minute in bed especially when I get married. Please please please help me out here… What can I do to improve my condition. I have stopped masturbating… Will it increase my sexual performance in time. How can I last 5 or 10 minutes in future. What should I do?