Urgent question about birth control issue

Patient: Hello. Just 2 months ago, I stopped taking the 28 day pack of Loestrin Fe 24 and started taking the 21 day pack of Microgestin. I took the Microgestin pills right after I finished the 28 day pack of Loestrin. However, I failed to wait 7 days (misunderstood) of not taking Microsgestin before I started the 2nd pack of it. I just finished the 2nd pack and I’m thinking about waiting for 7 days of not taking them before I start the 3rd pack. However, I just finished my period about a week ago ( which lasted nearly 2 weeks). I have gone without taking the pills for 2 days now, and it looks like I have a period again. Should I continue not taking pills for the full 7 days? (I’m being told to wait only 5 due to the circumstances, which doesn’t make sense to me) Please let me know. Thanks.

Doctor: I will suggest you to start over, wait for this cycle to complete and start your new pack of contraceptive pills on the first day of your menses. If you start taking them at this moment, you could alter your cycle and cause inter-menstrual bleeding or spotting due to hormonal imbalance.I would suggest you to use backup contraceptive methods such as female or male condoms during this cycle and in the first week of your pills, try to take them at the same time every day.