Urgently require help

Patient: I am 31 years old female. I have twin babies with LSCS in 2008. After which I am having regular periods. My LMP was on 22nd December 2013. After which I had spotted bleeding in Jan and march and absent in Feb’ 2014. My UPT was negative all 3 months. I was advised with to get an ultrasound done which revealed endometrial hyperclassia of about 22 mm. I got DnC done on 4th April 2014 and the product then removed was sent for Biopsy. The reports of HPE and AFB are all clear. HPE states that it was a decidual tissue. After one week of operation I got another ultrasound done which reflects that “Seedling posterior intramural myoma of 7*7 mm seen” in uterus. Can you please tell me what does this reflects? and I have not had period till now.

Symptoms: I do sometimes have pain in lower abdomen and below my breast on the right side.