Urinary, bladder overload, urine retention

Patient: I recently experienced an enlarged bladder due to urine retention caused by an enlarged prostate. I’ve been told that my badder will not return to usefulness. Is this true?

Doctor: Thank you for your question. This may not be entirely true. The bladder is composed of smooth muscle , which can be stre tched during urinary retention.The stretching is likely to resolve after the bladder is relieved. However, the sphincters which control outflow of urine can be damaged resulting in urinary incontinence. This may take time to heal, or can be permanent. We recommend that you closely monitor your recovery to see if you are experiencing incontinence. If you are, please inform your doctor as you may need to be started on medication for incontinence, or undergo investigations to assess the damage you sustained to your bladder.Thank you for choosing Asktehdoctor.com