Urinary disease with indwelling catheter

Patient: Hi,i am 50 years old male am from Tripura have diabetic from 35 years of age,now i am suffering from urinary problem and i have a very low pressure, my weight is 40kg,height 180cm. My recent symptoms – vomiting. i have no control on urine m using catheter. Today i have done urine test. My report is- RBC 8 to 10 Pus cells plenty Protein 2 plus Sugar 4 plus EPITHELIAL CELLS 0 to 1

Doctor: It seems that you may be having a urinary infection or some sort of slight urinary tract bleeding which can also occur d ue to infection.This could be due to the indwelling catheter.You may need antibiotics. I will advice you to see a physician in person for furhter management of the condition. I hope this helps.