Urinary Incontinence

Patient: I am 31yrs male and single I have a problem that wherever is a sex talk or even if i see some sexual scene there starts to come outurine drops and till the time i do not pass it ,it continues to do so and when i pass it saliva like drops comes out .When i pee in standing position i have to move slightly up down or stand slightly higherso that remaining urine pass out and in sitting position i have to stand littlebit to complete the process and after i have completed there starts easinessat the orifice and if i lift any heavy object urine drops comes out.when night fall happen there comes out urine in quite a large quantity .up to few years back urine used to come out 2 to 3 times in a week but now it happens oncein 2-3 months .I never had any sex, All this started some 18 yr back when i used to press my penis between my legsand enjoy sexual pleasure out of it .Now even when i am busy doing something even then testes starts to shrink andcauses uneasiness in stomach and drops of urine comes out in my underwear.I feel really embarrassed at such an age and will be getting married .I am shy person when it comes to talk like this that`s why i am unable to explain clearly my problem.Is there any cure for this .Presently i am taking anti depressant because 3 yrs back i had gone in adepression state .