Urinary Infection and Vaginal Infection

Patient: Hi 1 am 30 years old .15 days back i suffered from fever ,shivering and weekness.my BPlevel and sugar levels became low.but i din’t have any irritation,swelling or pain in urinary and vaginal areas.6-8puscells were seen inthe urine examination.doctor prescribed antibiotic.feveratbletand syrup.after 8days i was normal.i visited gynaecologist for scanning fr my uterus to konw that everything is normal.she aid i had vaginal infection and gave me 2 tablets for 7 days.again now i am getting fever ,shivering and weakness.is this anormal infection ?what care should be taken?pls kindly help me?thank u.

Doctor: A vaginal infection or vaginitis may be due to numerous causes. A yeast infection is caused by the yeast Candida and tre ated with an antifungal cream or antibiotic called fluconazole. Bacterial vaginosis is caused by a bacterial called Gardenella and can be treated with an antibiotic called metronidazole. There are other organisms that can cause vaginal infection, such as chlamydia, gonorrhea, herpes, campylobacter, improper hygiene and parasites. Your doctor will likely be able to diagnose the cause of your symptoms with a full speculum exam and by looking at the discharge under a microscope. Treatment will depend on the cause, I wish you well, take care.