Urinary Infection due to unprotected sex?

Patient: 3 days after I had unprotected rough sex with my new boyfriend, I started to have painful urination (really god damn painful…), my clitoris got swollen and it hurt really bad, and also I’ve had a yellow-green secretion from under the clitoris hood. I’ve been to a doctor after 3-4 days and it told me that I got an mixed colpitis infection. I’ve taken the following drugs for 6 days, but my simptoms are the same (I’ve even got some red itchy and painful bumps all around my vagina and on the labias): Azitrox 500mg(1 per day), Metronidazol (tablets, 3 times/day), Cervugid (1 per day, for 12 days – I’m still taking it), Fluconazol 150mg (just one tablet) and Nidoflor creme (3 times/day).I’ve had some surgery in this summer and also some other treatments with anibiotics (mostly Augmentin), took anticonceptional pills (just 7 days before having sex), been under a lot of presure and stress recently, etc.Doctors tolk me today that they don’t know what’s wrong with me, and that maybe I’ve become immune to antibiotics (I have allergy to penicillin).What can I possibly have? Can it be from my partner? (he swears that we never got any symptoms) How can I get rid of it and how long will it take?

Symptoms: Pain urinating, swollen clitoris, red bumps, yellow-green secretion