Urinary Issues

Patient: My son has been having some problems with pain, burning, and frequent urination. This has been going on for quite some time now; However, because he is a 15 year old boy, he was embarrassed to tell me about it every time. But the other day when it was hurting him very badly, he told me about it. He then told me that he has noticed this happening off and on for the last year. We have treated the symptoms with over the counter medication for UTI several times, which helped, but the symptoms keep coming back. Yesterday I took him to the doctor, but I didn’t go back with him because I wanted him to feel comfortable talking to the doctor. But now I don’t know exactly what was said. They did a urinalysis but it came back inconclusive because of the over the counter medication, but they prescribed him Bactrim. It also seems as though he has diarrhea along with the other symptoms every time, which he didn’t tell the doctor. I don’t understand why that would have anything to do with the urinary tract. I’m also wondering if masturbation could cause any of these problems. Of course, I’m not going to mention this to my son because if I did, he would surely die of embarrassment, as that is not a conversation you want to have with your mother… but like all teenage boys, I’m sure he does masturbate. He’s not sexually active and never has been, so I know that it couldn’t be an STD. Do you think these are the symptoms of a UTI or do you think there could be something else going on down there?

Symptoms: Frequent urination
Pain & burning during urination