Urinary Track Infection

Patient: What is the colorless slimy liquid discharged from the penis when I am sexually aroused? I also feel an occasional burning sensation around my genitals. No frequent or problems urinating.

Symptoms: Colorless slimy discharge from the penis, burning sensation around genitals.

Doctor: Hello,Usually there is no discharge from the penis even when a person is aroused, but before orgasm there may be ejac ulation of pre-cum which is what you are referring in your question most likely. It is a mix pf sperms and prostatic fluid which is ejaculated to create a nutritional bed for the ejaculate to follow.If there are no urinary symptoms, then this slimy discharge from penis can not be implicated to be I response to gonorrhoea infection, But it is always better to rule it out with a urethral swab culture.Please consult your physician for a swab culture and results.I hope I have answered your query,wishing you good health,regards