Urinary tract infection after marriage: Honeymoon cystitis

Patient: I m 22 years old ,recently i got married after 4th day of marriage i got problem of urine burn i could not continue my sex during those days because of irritation annd pain, during these days my liquid coming out of vagina also smells, after medication i became fine,but after menses i got same problem plz advise me ,it is third time i have this problem

Doctor: T seems from your symptoms that you have contracted a urinary tract infection. The typical symptoms are burning on urina tion, cloudy urine and pain in the abdomen. Also since you are having some vaginal discharge you may be having something called honeymoon cystitis which is inflamation of the bladder due to a urinary tract infection. Please consult a physician in person and get your urine checked. In the mean time keep hydrating your self well and have a lot of fluids. I hope this helps.