Urinary tract infection by klebsiella

Patient: Hi, I have been diagnosed with a urinary tract infection. I have 50 000 bacteria in my urine. Klebsiella. I have never had a urinary tract infection before and the reason I got it was probably sex. Now, here is the thing. Doctor prescribed me Macrobid at first, I felt great after 24 hours and did not feel an urge to urinate at all. On the 5th day being on Macrobid I started to feel strange, as if urinary frequency got back. I usually urinate five times a day, with this infection I now urinate up to 12 times a day. Everything I drink, it goes out. I do not have any burning, itching, pain…just urinary frequency. Macrobid, for some reason did not work for me. I was also drinking a lot of cranberry tea, a lot, and some other teas, a lot of yougurt and probiotics 2 hours of taking Macrobid. My bacteria is sensitive to almost all antibiotics however it did not go away. Now the doctor prescribed me Cipro 500 mg twice a day, 5 days. I have done my research on Cipro and after what I have read I do not want to take it. It seems that a lot of healthy people who were on Cipro are today disabled. Can you give me some advice what to do, what to take, because I do not want to be disabled by the rest of my life. Now I am consuming garlic and vitamin C and I feel better, I still have to go the restroom 10 times a day but I handle that. Doctor is afraid that I will develop a kidney infection, that s why he is giving me Cipro. Please, if there is a milder antibiotic do share. Thank you so much.

Symptoms: Urinary frequency.