Urinary Tract Infection in Diabetics

Patient: Hi,i am 50 years old male,i have diabetic from 35 years of age, now I am suffering from urinary problem and I have a very low pressure, my weight is 40kg,height 180cm. My recent symptoms – vomiting. Suffering from fever, today i have done urine test. My report is- RBC is 8 to 10, Pus cells is plenty, Protein is 2plus, Sugar is 4 plus, EPITHELIAL CELLS is 0 to1 Sir, This type of kidney disease as protein goes out from my body, and then what will be my diet chart I will foliow. Which food I can include in my diet.

Doctor: You are having a urinary tract infection and that should be treated before anything else. It seems like your diabetes is not controlled because the urine test showed +4 sugar; that is pretty high. This means that your diabetes, perhaps uncontrolled for years, destroyed your kidneys; this is most probably the reason why you are spilling proteins and sugar to the urine. It will be hard to tell what diet you should follow because blood tests are needed for that (you have not mentioned recent blood tests). You should have yourself checked by a doctor as soon as possible because urinary tract infections, especially in diabetic patients, can easily progress or invade the bloodstream; when this happens there will be serious, life-threatening consequences and you definitely need antibiotics promptly. Your condition can not be treated by diet alone. I do hope I have answered your question and take care always.