Urinary Tract Infection? Symptoms that come and go

Patient: Last night, I felt the need to urinate, but couldn’t. Attempting to urinate was painful (though it wasn’t a burning/stinging sensation – it felt more like a muscle spasm). I thought I perhaps had a UTI. This morning, I had no symptoms. Then, this evening, I have the same difficulty urinating and pain again. In addition, I observed blood in the urine this evening. However, again, the symptoms are clearing.If the symptoms of a UTI clear, does that mean it is gone? Why might this “come and go”? I’m planning to go to a doctor if the symptoms return again. However, in the event that they stay gone, does that mean it is cleared? I’m concerned that the bacteria would still be present (and I read that not seeking prompt treatment could lead to kidney damage) – do I have to worry about this if all the symptoms have gone away but I did not go on antibiotics?

Symptoms: Painful urination, difficulty urinating, blood in urine