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Patient: I am 29 years old male, In my urine culture E.coli count is 50000/ml,and in semen culture enterococcus faecalis is seen,till now i don’t have any Urinary tract infections .But my wife is getting it often,whether this can be transmitted through physical contact?I need to take some medicines for this?

Doctor: Hi welcome to Ask The Doctor,The persistence/recurrence of prostate infections is not well understood. There are onl y a few antibiotics which get into prostate tissue in high concentration unless there is a flagrant infection. This difficulty in getting good tissue levels of the drugs is certainly a factor in treating prostatitis. Sometimes a long period of treatment is needed. Once treated, and I think that you should treat it as you do have symptoms, you would be wise to have a repeat culture a few weeks after finishing treatment, regardless of your symptoms. The bacteria will be part of the fluid that comes out with an ejaculation, but it is not likely to infect your partner. Vaginas are not sterile and neither are mouths.On the other hand, bacteria vary in their virulence and I guess that there is some risk that this particular strain could cause an infection in another. I have no knowledge of alternative treatments for prostatitis nor do I know of a way of avoiding future occurrences other than not having rectal intercourse without a condom. You may ask your Doctor for any medication if required.Wish you good health.

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Dr. Jimmy Obaji M.D.

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