Urinary tract problems and possible digestive problem

Patient: My granddaughter had a serious (temp of 104 for several days) UTI at 12mos of age, which required having a catheter placed. She was in pain and has a vivid memory of that incident. She is now three years old and highly intelligent (spoke in complete sentences at 17 mos). She has gone through a lot of difficulty with toilet training and was wetting unpredictably on a continuous basis, seemingly unaware of being wet. Her mother became quite frustrated and was convinced that it was defiance. Now she is wetting only when she has a training diaper on at nap and bedtime. Occasionally she’ll pee into a potty at my house but tells me it hurts. In addition, she only has bowel movements every three days and they are huge blobs, unlike anything I’ve every seen. It is as though they just fall out of her body. I am concerned but my daughter-in-law has reservations about seeing doctors, which is why she had the temp of 104 for 5days before she was seen. She had to have intravenous fluids at the time because she was so dehydrated. I am concerned as there is a history of kidney disease and urethra problems in my family, which I have informed them about.

Symptoms: Frequent urination; then withholding of urination; withholding of bowel movements. Bowel movements in blobs

Doctor: Thank you for your question. It is possible that your granddaughter is suffering from a chronic urinary tract infection. Since these symptoms are persisting, it is important that promptly have her reevaluated by her doctor. It is possible that this infection, if left untreated can lead to infection of the kidney’s, which can cause permanent damage. She may need another course of antibiotics to completely clear this infection. Please be guided accordingly.Thank you for consulting AskTheDoctor.com