Urinating in my sleep

Patient: I am a 28 year old male and I am about 75ibs over weight. I am not in bad health but I do not exercise reguarly. I do not use any kind of drugs or medication and I do not drink alcohol almost ever. About 5 yrs ago i was diagnosed with sleep apnea. I recently urinated the bed in my sleep. It has happened before a few months ago and then the first time was a few years ago around 2007. I am married and I try not to drink anything before i go to bed. I just wake up in the morning and my bed is wet from urine. I do not understand why this happens and it does not happen on a regular basis. But i noticed that it only seems to happen if i am exausted or over normaly tired. If you could help me with any information it would be very appreciated, thank you -Andrew Patton

Doctor: Form your description is not entirely clear why you are having urinary incontinence only while sleeping. Incontinence oc curs because of a complete involuntary relaxation of the muscles at the base of the bladder whcih are responsible for urinary flow. The underlying cause for this involuntary relaxtion in your case is not clear. Possible causes include bladder infections, neurological disorders, medications, excessive caffeine or even psychological. You will need a thorough evaluation by a Urologist.