Urine And Transparent liquid problem

Patient: AOA, Sir , MOst humbly i have to say this that it is not very appropriate to ask questions online without giving any plenary information but as i can’t consult a doctor face to face as this is a serious sexology,some type of infection problem that i feel shame in talking with some one …that’s why i am here to ask ./Sir, Actually my Religion is ISLAM and i belong to an Noble family so for My prayers it is necessary for me to be cleaned from every part of the body and u know that having sexual thoughts we might get a transparent thin liquid from penis ,As far as i am concerned this is normal but for my prayers it is very difficult that some times i actually see that it comes out and some times it is only a thought of mind what should i do then???, and Also with a temperature also seems to in my pants so i feel that may it be that liquid but when i immediately see that part, its dry then i imagine that might it be the passion or moisture which threatens me …..i shall be thankful to you for your hearty supportnow, the second problem is of urine which is occurring simultaneously with the first problem . its that when i come to take bath i feel some urine so i wash that part during shower and then after some minutes while having washing the other parts of the body u know one can not stand correctly i feel an pressure to my penis which causes some drops of urine ok then i wash again as i feel pressure but after washing 2-3 times that part i feel again that transparent liquid which i have not a little time to wash again as i m tired of getting that now why it comes after having a simple urine …is this my hand surface’s hard rough patch that causes that liquid to come out…. i got sick of doing that again and again as i have to do my prayersthis is my problem sir./