Urine frequency

Patient: Hie doc,I am a lady aged 29, no child yet and not on any contraceptive, i have been having problems of passing urine constantly and frequently. Constantly in such a way that when i am passing urine it doesn’t stop coming out as long as i don’t stop it, if i stop it within 2 to 3 mins my bladder will be full. Whenever this happens it takes about a day before it comes back to normal. please help me, have done a urine analysis before but nothing was found.

Doctor: Thank you for your question. Even though you have had a negative urinalysis prior it is still possible that you have ha d contracted a urinary tract infection. Urinary tract infections presents with urinary frequency, burning, and blood in urine. Another cause for your urinary frequency is that you may be experiencing a condition called incontinence. Incontinence can be of several types.The four main types of Incontinence which are stress incontinence, urge incontinence, over flow incontinence, and functional incontinence. In general, incontinence can also be caused by infections, caffeine, or problems with the nerves or muscle of the bladder. Without a physical examination we can only offer possibilities as to what may be causing your symptoms. Please see your doctor for further evaluation and testing.Thank you for choosing askthedoctor.com