Urine infection and ciprofloxacin antibiotics

Patient: My wife is 9 weeks 4 days pregnant and she is suffering from urine infection and severe pain near foetus. This infection has been there since 4th week.Since the urine infection is not going away after taking ural sachets 3 times a day for 4 weeks, our doctor now prescribed antibiotics Ciprobay 250 mg (ciprofloxacin). My wife already started taking it since 3 days. Is this medicine safe during pregnancy?Is there no other alternate medicine that doctor has to prescribe this only?Please help and advice us.Urine culture result: Viable count: >100,000 CFU/MLOrganism: Escherichia coli isolatedSensitivity:AMPICILLIN: RAMOX/CLAVU ACID: RCEFUROXIME: RCEFTRIAXONE: RGENTAMICIN: SCIPROFLOXACIN: SCOTRIMOXAZOLE: SNITROFURANTOIN: ROFLOXACIN: SThank you.

Symptoms: Pain near feotus