Urine is spraying different direction when first start and when done slight pain in penis head

Patient: My urine has been spraying in different directions for the past 2 weeks when I first start to urinate. After the initial flow splashes different directions it becomes one steady and straight flow. It’s not a weak flow or my bladder doesn’t feel like it hasn’t been emptied once I’m done or anything like that. However, I do feel some minor pain (almost like a slight piching in the penis head) once I’m done urinating. If I open and wipe my pee hole area my urine tends to come out in a straight fashion and the pain afterwards isn’t really there. Do you have any idea what this could be? This has pretty much happened every single time I’ve urinated over the past 2 weeks. I’ve been searching online and am worried about my prostate and other serious health issues. I’m 36 years old and don’t seem to have any other symptoms related to my prostate getting larger or anything like that. Please provide your insight. Thanks