Urine leakage in a teenager

Patient: I am a boy in my late teens, and my underwear often feels damp, like I peed myself, often for no reason, but especially when I need to use the restroom. I also experience mild stress incontinence. I used to hold my urine for long periods, I never used to use the school restrooms, and I have held my urine for more than 16 consecutive hours on numerous occasions. When I was 9 years old I refused to use the restroom till I actually wet my pants, but that has not happened since. I was not fully potty trained until I was nearly 6, and I wet my bed on and off till I was around 7 years old. Could the years of holding urine have caused the problems I have now? Is there any products that I could wear to hide the leaks when they happen?

Symptoms: Incontinence

Doctor: Thank you for writing to ATD.Incontinence is also known as involuntary urination. Causes of incontinence can be:- increased urination- large prostate- multiple sclerosis- Parkinson’s disease- spinal cord injuryIncontinence occurs when you are not able to control the muscles that prevent urination. Holding your urine in should not usually cause any problem in urination. It is possible that this has a psychological importance, however.You can use a Diaper to help hide the outflow of your urine. You can also keep your bladder empty to prevent incontinence.You need to talk to a Doctor to get help for these. Here are a few treatment options:Exercises of the Kegel musclesMedications such as Oxybutynin and TolterodineSurgeryI hope this helps you.