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Urine sample tested for STD via NAAT

Patient: Does discharge need to be present in a urine sample to detect Gonorrhea or Chlamydia via a NAAT?



Symptoms: Burning urination, discharge, delayed urination, weak urine flow



Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query,The urine sample taken for NAAT automatically brushes away the urethra inhabited by the gonorrhoea or chlamydia organisms and hence are detectable under NAAT. Hence, it is necessary for the discharge if you may call it to be present in the urine sample, that is how it is detected.I hope I have addressed your concern,regards

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Patient: I am afraid that because I did not give first void urine and urinated within the hour before I gave the sample that the NAAT might have given a false negative. Does a NAAT usually need a first void urine? I was told different things about this.

Doctor: no NAAT DOESNT NEED THE FIRST VOID URINE SAMPLE,it can be tested off the mid stream sample as well.

Patient: What is mid stream sample?

Patient: Does this mean it can be a sample given at any time of the day?

Doctor: Mid stream sample means tge sampke taken during the middle of urination process and yes for NAAT can be a anytime sample during the day.


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