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Patient: I had to go to the doctor to get a urine test to test for a bladder infection. Because the sample was to be a ‘morning sample’ (undiluted) I urinated in a cup in the morning but then was not able to bring the sample to the doctor until a couple hours later. Could this time lapse have enabled the bacteria to ‘die’ (i.e. rendered the test inaccurate) or will this test be accurate?



Doctor: Hello, I understand your doubt about your urine sample. I agree with you that the first morning voided urine is the best specimen due to the increased bacterial count after overnight incubation in the bladder. However it is recommended to transport the urine as soon as possible to the laboratory for its analysis. According to the laboratory manual, if transport will be delayed more than 2 hours, you should refrigerate urine specimen. Refrigerate specimens are acceptable for up to 24 hours after collection.Since you said that it took you around 2 hours to deliver the urine sample since the urine collection, there might be a small possibility of having to take the test again. Your lab results could be inaccurate. If you were a special container with a grey top, you dont have to worry since this container has a preservative in it. On the other hand if you used a regular container, another urine sample might be requested if the findings are unusual. I hope I cleared your doubt.



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Guest: I have been on Akamin/minocycline(for acne) for 11 years now and have decided to stop ( 2 weeks ago) . I have stopped as I haven’t been well lately but doctors can not find anything wrong with me…. I am also on Crestor for cholesterol and while reading about all side effects , it says that it is not recommended to use together !
Whoever I speak to, tell me that I should have never been on Akamin for that long anyway….
Since I have stopped the medicine, I am getting very strong burning feelings in my bladder. Is this a coincidence ? ( I also have read that Akamin is sometimes used for Urinary infection ??!!?? ) My doctor has organise urine test ( Just placed a stick in it) which came out clear from infection. I have now gone to a different doctor who has organised a
collection of 3 days of of urine…. Still waiting on results but I have noticed a pink deposit at the bottom of the container
( Day 2) which looks like sand. ( was stored in the fridge)
Do you think it is related to stopping this medicine ? I am generaly of good health.


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