Urological condition

Patient: Hello, i am 20 female and sexually active, i have been taking antibiotics after jaw surgery for 1week in high dose, 3weeks later had 6rounds of sex in3days, after that i felt burning in my whole genital area, as my doctor said i had vaginal creams and went on ciprofloxacine for 10days, burning is much gone that i donot need to take painkiller s any more, but i still feel pain and burning in my clitoris sometimes, specially after i sit for long time, and also i feel pressure for going to bathroom, but there isn’t much urine output, it’s just normal. my urologist put me on ciprofloxacine for another 10 days., and 4tablets of floconazole,for1month.I’m afraid if the reason of uneasy clitoris is something else than UTI, could you please tell me all possible conditions?