Urologiest / low testostrene

Patient: LOW TESTOSTRONEHi i woul like to ask a question to a urologiest please i watched on you tube about Divice Elator for erectile disfunction replacing viagra or even much better is that true and safe to use ? thank you.

Symptoms: Erectile disfuntion

Doctor: The use of vacu-erectors for erectile dysfunction is available. However, there are very specific indication for its use . Most important indication is neuro – vascular problems and when Viagra of other PDE-5 inhibitors fail. It is a mechanical devise, hence the disadvantage. Also, the ring to hold penis need to be released by 20 minutes maximum. Additionally, the base will not have strength which is a major problem. Hence, it is not the question of comparing the two. It is useful step when first or second line of treatment fails.